Maintaining a website is hard!

The screaming throng of Rabbit Style News enthusiasts demands more content and it turns out that original content is hard to provide on a reliable timetable.  Yes, the desire to emotionally satisfy my fanbase is a strong motivator.  However, I am extremely popular, important, and integral to the continued success of several surprisingly intricate enterprises, so finding the time to compose a few words is a continued challenge for me.  I eke out my free time by concentrating on my ultimate objectives and taking the necessary steps to continue on that journey of self-improvement.  I don’t consider the time spent to be a sacrifice of personal moments but rather a factor contributing to the multi-faceted nature of my powerfully charismatic personality.

September 22, 2006. Words. 1 comment.

So I Finally Have a Website!

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with this website, or “Blog” as some people would call it.  I like it when I read an article about that newfangled Internet and the World Wide Web and the reporter explains that a “blog” is simply a shortened way of saying “web log”.

Last week I was on airport shuttle heading to the car rental lot and there were advertisement posters on the shuttle for Alamo.  One said “Meet us on the information superhighway” and showed their URL next to a picture of a car on a road.  See, it’s a play on words because the service Alamo provides is renting cars to people who might drive them on highways, or perhaps superhighways, and one way to find out information about this service is from the company’s website.  Also, it’s funny because I can’t remember the last time somebody referred to the “information superhighway” – what is this, 1997?  I asked that question on the shuttle and I was disappointed to find that my companions did not think I was especially witty, even after repeating it several times.

September 21, 2006. Words. 1 comment.