You’re going to get aids!

I went to the gym after work this evening as usual. I read about celebrities in People magazine while putting in my time on the elliptical. I only read such magazines at the gym (ok, you got me, sometimes I take home a magazine if I didn’t finish it at the gym the first time and it doesn’t seem like enough to save for the next time), as a way of encouraging myself to work out while discouraging rampant reading of such magazines. I enjoyed my stretching routine in the large quiet room, the one with mirrors that seem suspiciously slimming, where there were maybe eight people stretching or doing various workout routines before the yoga class would occupy the room at 7:00. Just before I was heading out a woman who appeared to be her in 60s came in with her personal trainer. They passed by an older man, who might have been her husband, listening to an ipod with the volume loud enough to hear from a few feet away and the woman said, “Turn it down! You need to turn it down, or you’re going to get aids!” Heads swiveled as people wanted to see what she was talking about, and her personal trainer said sheepishly, “Hearing aids, folks. He’s going to get hearing aids.”

October 17, 2006. Words.

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