ANTM Post 2 – AJ sent home!

“America’s Next Top Model” just blew my mind a little bit. AJ was the one who didn’t make the cut! After she was totally rocking it in previous episodes! I was so sure that she was really good and was going to make it to the end that when tonight’s final two were AJ and Jaeda I ran into the other room to tell Boyfriend that it wasn’t even fair that they would put them together in the bottom two because where’s the suspense? Obviously they wouldn’t send AJ home… would they? Doubt started to niggle at my mind and then when Tyra Banks showed that she was holding Jaeda’s picture I said out loud “Oh my god! I can’t believe it! But Jaeda is so bad!” I guess this week’s photo shoot was pretty good, but does that make up for her previous pictures, her lack of charisma, her pathetic insecurities and self-doubt? I mean, come on! It is true that AJ’s heart wasn’t in it and that she didn’t want to do any of those glamourous, cheesy, modelish things that would come from being a real model so I guess maybe they were right to cut her. But still. She was totally my favorite.

My new favorite: CariDee, although I think Brooke is doing really well and could go places. Melrose was fabulous this week which irritates me because she’s abrasive, as AJ said. Good-bye AJ, we’ll miss you.

October 19, 2006. Words.

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