My favorite parts of the day! #1

  • Eating a club sandwich from U.S. Egg that had fried egg instead of meat.  It included lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, and mayo.  I like lots of mayo.  I dipped the fries in honey – salty and sweet, and just the right about of mushy.  I prefer mushy fries to crunchy.
  • Taking my Microsoft Access class during the downtime at work.  I’m up to Proficient User (ok, the ones I’m taking only come in Fundamentals, Proficient, and Expert) and am looking forward to creating my first database
  • Having my manager laugh out loud a hearty, genuine laugh at something I said, and then laughing again when she explained it to somebody else.  She and I have had several episodes of uncontrollable laughter – the kind that makes your eyes water and your stomach hurt as you gasp for air – over the past several months and I always feel happier afterwards, even if it does draw slightly confused, disapproving stares from the rest of the office.

October 23, 2006. Words.

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