10 feet = 3 1/3 yards!

So I went back to Joann Fabrics after work today and bought two and a half yards of the ruby and black brocade material that I was craving yesterday.  It was on sale for 40% off and I really wanted it.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it though – 2.5 yards is probably not enough to make a long fancy dress, and it’s way too much for a simple handbag.  Maybe a corset type top, or a sleek skirt, or perhaps just a pillow or two?  I’ve been told that one can never have too many decorative pillows. 

Two young men approached the cutting counter with a bolt of ivory muslin and asked for 10 feet of the material.  The employee appeared startled and then muttered “ten feet, ten feet….” while alternating between staring in concentration at the yardstick and looking around with a lost expression.  “Three and a third,” I suggested helpfully, before instantly feeling like a nosy know-it-all.  “I wish I had showed up,” she said, although whether she meant to math class or mentally to work this evening wasn’t clear, and didn’t lessen my feelings of sheepishness.  That’s the line I don’t seem very good at walking: being smart vs smartypants, and knowing a lot vs being a know-it-all. 

Just today two people at work were having a discussion as I walked by and one said, “Let’s ask her!  She knows a lot of things”, to which I replied “I know things!  Ask me!”  Again, probably need some work on the social etiquette right about there.  I was in fact able to help them with their question, at least: what is the difference between an ipod and an mp3 player?

Today’s lesson for you, dear reader (to quote Miss Manners): it is customary to request your lengths of fabric using yards as the unit of measurument, not feet.

October 26, 2006. Words.

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