I went shopping today with Boyfriend as we do almost every Sunday on the way home from the gym.  Fresh raspberries were on sale for $1 per 6 oz. package (usual price: $4) so I bought six containers of them.  I have eaten three of them already and it turns out that raspberries are kinda acidic after awhile.  My tummy burns and yet I keep eating them.  Because they are delicious.

We see pretty much the same few cashiers every time we go to the store and when we got to the cash register the clerk said, “Ooh, let’s see who’s going to pay more today?”  We split up our food so that I pay for what I’m going to eat, like the raspberries, and he pays for what he wants, and we split the shared items.  Most of the time it’s pretty even – today I paid only $7 more.  If we were married I would want us to have third, shared bank account that we would use for shared expenses like food, rent, utility bills, etc.  Just like Suze Orman, the resident financial expert for O magazine, recommends, we would each contribute to the shared account so that we each paid for mutual expenses in proportion to our income.  For example, if I made 65% of our combined monthly income, I would contribute 65% of the money in the shared account.  I’m happy with our current 50/50 method of splitting up expenses, although our incomes are relatively comparable so it wouldn’t be much of an issue anyway.

October 29, 2006. Words.

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