Halloween candy!

I absolutely love the Halloween creme pumpkins, the ones similar to candy corn and often sold in the “harvest mix” bags of Halloween-specific orange-colored candies.  Tomorrow I will buy a few bags to hoard over the coming months.  I will refrain from eating them all at once, because my objective of buying and eating creme pumpkins for half-price runs contradictory to my objective of trimming down just little bit more (just a few pounds, no need for anyone to worry) and there must be a way to combine these goals without ruining anything.

October 31, 2006. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    I LOVE the candy corns – the classic ones with white tips.

  2. admin replied:

    I couldn’t find creme pumpkins at Target either. so I guess I just won’t get any Halloween pumpkins this year. I love the classic candy corn too so I might buy some of those instead. Not the ones with chocolate tips though – those are gross.

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