What a relief – still a socialist!

OkCupid’s politics test has branded me a socialist, thank goodness.  Democrat I could accept as well, but what if it said that I’m a Capitalist, Libertarian or, god forbid, Republican?  Glad to see I’m still doing alright.  Also, Hot or Not has determined that I am 8.6 Hot (or at least that one particular picture of me, wearing sunglasses and leaning up against the slanted window of a boat, is 8.6 Hot.  Other pictures have scored consistently worse).  How would I determine my identity and self-worth without the internet?

80% socially permisssive, 21% economically permissive

The tables and graphs aren’t functioning properly when I put them in this blog so and you’ll have to take the test yourself to see what the graphs look like and where those numbers fit.  http://www.okcupid.com/politics 

November 1, 2006. Words.


  1. DanT replied:

    Happy birthday, you stinkin’ commie! 😀

    Seeya on Saturday?

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    Happy Birthday!!!

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