Happy birthday to me!

Today was a good birthday.  My manager decorated my cubicle, my boyfriend sent flowers to the office and took me out to dinner for Thai food, one of my brothers made a birthday cake when I was expecting to go without one, I received an email from my mom and a good friend who is currently in Lebanon, I talked to my friend from college and got a funny voicemail message from my best friend from Minnesota while I was talking to the first friend, and my dad called to say “happy birthday”.  I opened my presents that included a $100 gift card to Old Navy, a pretty ceramic quiche/pie dish, a pile of rubber snakes that I had about ten years ago that my mom apparently decided to give back to me after I left them at her house when I moved away from home, a 3 1/2 pound bag of candy, and 11 grapefruit spoons with a pointy tip and serrated edge. 

The spoons freaked me out because just a couple weeks ago I bought a few grapefruits and I said to my cohabitator, “I sure wish I had some grapefruit spoons, like the ones my mom has.  They make eating it so easy and fun!  Maybe I’ll buy myself some of those, or ask her to mail some extras to me.”  And for my birthday she just sent me 11 of them (she said to distribute the extras to my brothers).  Did I tell her about wanting the spoons?  I can’t remember doing so but how else would she know to send them?  I must have told her, right?  And with words and not just “mind bullets” as has been so helpfully suggested.  As much as I would like to think that I was involved in some kind of pyschic connection it’s more likely that I simply don’t remember the conversation we had about my desire for grapefruit spoons.

November 2, 2006. Words.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    aww.. you finally got flowers at work. 🙂

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