New clothes!

I went to Old Navy this evening to use the $100 gift card that The Boyfriend gave me for my birthday.  Part of the birthday present was to pay attention to me the whole time we were there, by holding my purse and things while waiting for me to try things on, offering opinions about every article of clothing I considered, and patiently waiting no matter how long I wanted to look at clothes.  I ended up with two new pairs of nice trousers, two button-down office shirts, and four tank tops that are exactly like all my other tanks tops in slightly new colors, and I only used the gift card for $43 of it.  I had a 20% off coupon for anything that I charged to my Old Navy credit card, so I decided to actually buy most of the clothes with actual money instead of the gift card because I could get the discount on those things while prolonging the experience of the gift card to another day.

Attached to this clothes-buying spree is a plan to prune the contents of my closet.  I have quite a few things that are unflattering, torn or stained, ugly, or that simply don’t fit very well anymore since I’ve lost some weight in the past year or two.  My theory is that I should like and wear everything I own.  Why have days when it’s, “Darn, I’m down to the end of the laundry and I have to wear those pants with the underwear I hate and an awkwardly fitting shirt”?

November 15, 2006. Words.

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