This month’s sleepwalking!

A few nights ago I had a mild episode of somnambulism.  It might not even count because I didn’t leave the bed, although in the context of my occasional sleepwalking I’m going to count it.  In a dream I was working with a real-life version of Mozilla in physical space and had a lot of tabs open within the same window.  Then for some extremely urgent reason I had to close them all quickly so I wouldn’t get killed or my friends wouldn’t be attacked or something.  Rather than simply clicking the X’s to close them I used full body momentum to smash down on each tab, clasping my hands in front of my body and jumping up to bring down my bent elbows or the hard bony part of my forearm on the offending tab.  The next day my cohabitator said that he woke to find me thrashing about wildly in bed, flailing my arms violently while making garbled upset noises.  I remember waking a little when he wrapped himself around me, murmuring sleepy assurances that it was ok now, he was there and would keep me safe, while I wondered why he seemed to think that I needed comforting.  It was only the next day that I remembered my Firefox smashing dream and asked him what had happened.

About a month ago I fully woke up in the bathroom… stark naked… on the toilet… pooping.  Confusion was followed by understanding of the situation, then by horror at the thought of how that episode of sleepwalking could have gone so horribly, horribly wrong…  Which would be worse while sleepwalking: wandering out of the apartment, or crapping on the couch?  The former carries significantly more danger, and yet, how could I ever respect myself again after the latter? 

December 1, 2006. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    hahaha… It’s okay… the Mozilla monster won’t get you… 😛

  2. Sarah replied:

    I would still respect you if you pooped on your couch. Hell, I’d like you just that much more. But then again, I doubt I’d have to clean it up.

  3. Sarah replied:

    Also, Ryan thinks you really did poop on the couch and you’re just trying to gauge people’s reactions by pretending you haven’t….yet.

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