Could we talk about me for awhile?

I wore a new shirt today and I was all excited about it, and then my new shoes arrived this afternoon and I’m all excited about those, even though I’m going to need a size 6 1/2 for two pairs, whereas the size 7 that I bought works for the other two pairs.  I have decided on an addition to my already super narcissistic website: a section called What I Wore to Work Today that will feature pictures of, yes, what I wore to work.  I’ve already taken off my work clothes and my camera’s batteries are dead, so it will start tomorrow.

December 6, 2006. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    What an interesting idea… is this section going to be updated daily?

  2. Sarah replied:

    oh my god.

  3. admin replied:

    “Oh my god I can’t believe anybody would do something so self-centered”? Don’t underestimate the capacity for narcissism, my friend….

  4. What I Wore to Work Today history | Rabbit Style News replied:

    […] started the What I Wore to Work Today feature of this blog in 2006, before I saw the whole style blog thing elsewhere. Twitter was in its infancy, Facebook had just […]

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