I love puppies.  Rat terrier puppies, specifically, or similar breeds like chihuahuas and jack russell terriers.  One day I will hold an armful of sleeping puppies like I would do during my youth and I will be happy.  Perhaps it has been an armful-of-puppies-shaped hole in my heart this whole time.

Recently my mother has sent me emails with pictures of puppies and of rescue rat terriers who need homes.  At some point I will get another dog.  I don’t know if it will be after my dog dies so that she isn’t inadvertantly cast aside because dog #2 is such a cute small fresh new puppy, or if I would like the next dog to know and learn from the one I’ve had more than half my life.  For now I just look at pictures and make little squealing sounds of delight about their tiny tails and perfect triangle ear flaps and try not to get all choked up when I think about the inevitable with Kalayna.  She’s 13 now and can expect another year or two of reasonably good health, and then, well… then I’m not sure what happens, but I bet it involves uncontrollable sobbing.

3-day-old chihuahua puppies  just two years visible

The picture on the right shows my living room and my dog.  She’s on the couch in a fort she made of blankets.  Just a single black ear is visible. (Click on it for a bigger image.)  I’d like to mention that I did not take this picture of my dog – the other person who lives here did, because he adores my dog and thinks she’s funny and likes how she makes herself nests in blankets and laughs at how excited she gets about her delicious old dog arthritis medicine and especially enjoys when she comes around for pets and leans into his legs when he’s reaching down doing stretches.  He likes her a whole lot, which makes me like him even more.  At first she didn’t care for him, walking away when he came near and avoiding him as much as possible, and yet he was persistent and faced rejection again and again as he learned the ways of dog.  (Or at least this dog, who is pretty weird and not especially representative of all of dogdom.)  Two years later he’s probably her second favorite person, and he patiently listens to me talk for hours and hours about how amazing she is because, secretly, he thinks she’s pretty amazing too.

December 15, 2006. Pictures, Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Cute Puppies!

  2. Dog Steps replied:

    doggy steps…

    If you have a small dog you must read this……

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