Thursday, December 14, 2006

           I love these pants

I love these pants.  They were bright red when I first bought them over two years ago and now, even faded, I still love them.  JCrew is selling an identical pair this season for way more money than I paid.                      

                                          JCrew's version

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

reaching for lunch


I am reaching for my lunch, adoringly packed for me in a classy grocery bag by the live-in butler.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

secretary blouse officey shirt


If I ever need to – get to! –  wear a pirate costume, this will probably be involved, at least if it’s the kind of pirate who wears ruffled shirts and gets mocked all the time by the other pirates.





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Monday, December 11, 2006

the poser  standing  what's up there?

I take my posing very seriously.  I’m basically a professional, what with watching “America’s Next Top Model” every week and all.

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This was Saturday night at a coworker’s house.  I was happy to be there, chatting with people from work and imagining that I had a group of friends.  Steve looks weird in this picture – he was scratching an itch on his back under his shirt and has that strange expression people get when they’re scratching an itch and totally preoccupied with it.  I look a little crazy-eyed myself.

I was thrilled about an opportunity to wear my new fancy shoes that I bought because I loved them even though I didn’t know when I would get to wear them.  There aren’t a lot of holiday parties and cocktail hours on my calendar the upcoming month.  If I were to attend some kind of party thrown to celebrate the release of a book or the opening of a new restaurant or something equally hip, I would definitely wear the shoes.

shoes  shoes close


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Friday, December 8, 2006

dec 8 clothes

Casual Friday.


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Thursday, December 7, 2006

dec 7 clothes

Compliments on the pants: 2

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Could we talk about me for awhile?

I wore a new shirt today and I was all excited about it, and then my new shoes arrived this afternoon and I’m all excited about those, even though I’m going to need a size 6 1/2 for two pairs, whereas the size 7 that I bought works for the other two pairs.  I have decided on an addition to my already super narcissistic website: a section called What I Wore to Work Today that will feature pictures of, yes, what I wore to work.  I’ve already taken off my work clothes and my camera’s batteries are dead, so it will start tomorrow.

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This month’s sleepwalking!

A few nights ago I had a mild episode of somnambulism.  It might not even count because I didn’t leave the bed, although in the context of my occasional sleepwalking I’m going to count it.  In a dream I was working with a real-life version of Mozilla in physical space and had a lot of tabs open within the same window.  Then for some extremely urgent reason I had to close them all quickly so I wouldn’t get killed or my friends wouldn’t be attacked or something.  Rather than simply clicking the X’s to close them I used full body momentum to smash down on each tab, clasping my hands in front of my body and jumping up to bring down my bent elbows or the hard bony part of my forearm on the offending tab.  The next day my cohabitator said that he woke to find me thrashing about wildly in bed, flailing my arms violently while making garbled upset noises.  I remember waking a little when he wrapped himself around me, murmuring sleepy assurances that it was ok now, he was there and would keep me safe, while I wondered why he seemed to think that I needed comforting.  It was only the next day that I remembered my Firefox smashing dream and asked him what had happened.

About a month ago I fully woke up in the bathroom… stark naked… on the toilet… pooping.  Confusion was followed by understanding of the situation, then by horror at the thought of how that episode of sleepwalking could have gone so horribly, horribly wrong…  Which would be worse while sleepwalking: wandering out of the apartment, or crapping on the couch?  The former carries significantly more danger, and yet, how could I ever respect myself again after the latter? 

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