Quilt top complete!

Quilt top has been pieced!I have successfully pieced together the top of the Tetris quilt.   It looks really good in general.  The falling red  piece has one of the biggest errors and unfortunately it’s right in the center.  Nothing a little black marker can’t even out, though.  The next step is choosing a border fabric and then figuring out how to stitch it together.  Then comes choosing and buying the backing fabric and the batting, then assembling the quilt sandwich of all three layers.  I haven’t  yet decided how I’m going to secure them together, probably machine quilting in the seams around the edge of each shape.  

I had forgotten that I made each finished individual square 4 inches instead of 3, so I was pleasantly surprised at how big it turned out.  In the picture above I’m standing on the futon.  With the borders it will be about 6′ x 4′. 

January 21, 2007. Pictures, Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Wow… it looks good! nice size for cuddling up with too.

  2. Baby replied:


    I will treasure it always, with my face. *rub, rub*

  3. Sarah replied:

    fucking awesome. i’m quilt jealous.

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