Keeping up a blog is hard

I also post on another blog about work, and I think what little writing energy I have goes into that one.  I’m pretty sure that blogging about work is specifically mentioned in the employee handbook as an offense that will result in corrective action up to and including termination.  So I don’t cross-reference the two blogs, to avoid that whole firing thing.  Yes, it is highly unlikely that would happen, especially because my work blog posts are things like “I hate the kitten calendar on that supervisor’s cubicle wall” and not “here are some corporate financial secrets I learned while engaging in sexual acts on premises with various high level executives.  P.S.  They’re both married, planning on jumping ship for a competitor, and one said some racist things during the coital act”.  What an exciting life that would be, indeed.

January 30, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    I don’t think the other blog would be a problem even if they did find it, since no company name is used, and no personal names either.

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