Wednesday, January 10, 2007

belly hanging out
I make sure my belly isn’t hanging out at work like that because an exposed midriff or visible flesh between shirt and pants is specifically prohibited in the dress code.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I was relaxing, yet it turned out wannabe sexy  

The pants cover up the not-really-officey shoes, so I can still wear them in the office.

fat      thin
Fat                                   Thin


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Quilt status

three blocks done

I worked on the quilt for almost two hours and here’s what I have so far.  Turns out I’m not very good at making perfectly even squares, starting with cutting the squares and right on through sewing even seam allowances and all that, which starts to become much more obvious after 16 iterations.  I started with the less visible black parts so that, hopefully, I’ll be better by the time I’m working on the varied colored blocks.  If I keep up my current pace I could have a finished quilt by the end of the weekend.


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Monday, January 8, 2007

what do I keep in my belly, small hippos?   pouty, I guess

My wrist looks frail and skeletal, like it should be unable to support such a massive hand.  Also, its bony nature seems out of keeping with such a mysteriously protruding belly.  It’s not like I’m keeping any babies in there or anything.

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Quilt design update

updated designI have started the process of cutting out the squares.  It will probably be three hours of cutting altogether.






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New project!!!

I am finally finishing the 2nd purse today – all that’s left are the snap closures.  Then, I get to start on my new test hobby: quilting.  I checked out a few quilting books from the library and have assembled and learned how to use my nice new sewing machine I got for Christmas.  The fabrics are in the wash right now and I’m ready to start cutting out the pieces – all 160 squares, frowny face.  The first quilt (and maybe only quilt, I’ll see how it goes before I commit to more) is a basic four-patch design of squares only, as easy at it gets for a beginner.  The pattern?  Tetris! tetris quilt

Steve just finished designing it.  There might be a few tweaks, such as moving the open column slightly to the left or right, although in general it’s beautifully done.  I don’t have a good idea of how long it will take.  Are we talking three days?  Three weeks?  Three months or longer? 


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January 3, 2007

january 3

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Old funny sleepwalkingish story

Several years ago I went back home to my mother’s house for the two week break between fall semester and J-term. (My college was on a 4-1-4 system, with two four-month semesters and a one-month single class term in January.)  My first morning back the phone rang fairly early in the morning – maybe ten o’clock or something – and my sleeping self decided to get out of bed to answer it.  The conversation went something like this.

Me:  Hello?
Professional Sounding Caller: Good morning, may I speak with Patricia X?
Me: She’s not here.
Caller: Oh, well, this is Dr. Appledorn’s office.  May I leave a message for her?
Me:  She doesn’t live here.
Caller: Is this 507-555-1288?
Me (suspicious now):  Well, that is Patricia’s, that is, my mom’s number but I have no idea how you reached me.
Caller (confused):  What? 
Me:  I’m at college, in Vermont, so I don’t understand why dialing that phone number would have reached me here.
Caller:  Um, maybe I should call back.
Me:  Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

I got back in bed and went back to – or maybe continued to? – sleep.  The phone rang a minute later, and I really woke up for it this time.  I remembered a silly conversation and hoped it hadn’t happened in real life.

Me:  Hello?
Caller (clearly disappointed):  This is Dr. Appledorn’s office calling for Patricia….
Me:  I’m so sorry about that earlier, I was asleep and I just got back from college and I must have been really confused.  She’s actually not here, I’m awake now so I can take a real message for you.
Caller:  Ha ha, that’s pretty funny, I thought I must have woken you up.

I took the phone out of my room that day because nothing good could come of it.

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