For somebody who doesn’t own a television, I sure do watch a lot of tv.  I watched Monday’s “Heroes” episode tonight, and this week’s “Battlestar Galactica” last night.  Hopefully I can watch tonight’s episode of “The Office” tomorrow, and then the season opener of “America’s Next Top Model” later in the week.  So I plan to watch four shows during the spring, that’s a signficant dedication of time.  Not having to watch the commercials shaves off probably an hour altogether.

“Heroes” was pretty sweet.  I liked how in-depth it delved into the history of a few people. Also, it introduced some major connections among different characters, including one character who had seemed like a celebrity cameo toss-off but might actually be key to everything.  

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I live in a cartoon

squirtI’m eating a very juicy grapefruit and it just squirted me right in the eye, just like in a cartoon.  Amazing.

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Super frustrating

I just wrote a nice long post about buying a rotary cutter set to use when cutting the fabric for my next quilt that I’m starting this week, and about how I’m cleaning the living room before opening the rotary cutter package, and then I talked about the boxes of stuff from my old room in my mom’s house that are causing the living room mess.  I even included a picture of the rotary set with a link to the Joann Fabrics website.  When I pressed Publish I got an error message, and the post was gone.  Unbelievably frustrating. 

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“Music and Lyrics”

I saw this movie tonight using free passes that Wells Fargo gave me for my birthday.  It’s a romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.  It’s about an aging ’80s pop star who needs to write a hit song by the end of the week for the latest huge young sexy singer.  He only does the music, so gets the woman who takes care of the plants at his apartment to do the lyrics.  Some humor ensues.

It was ok.  There wasn’t a whole lot of plot development, and Drew Barrymore’s character was kind of annoying.  The songs were the real stars.  I chuckled a few times, but didn’t really laugh out loud at all.  Actually, I can’t remember that last time that I was truly laughing, the uncontrollable laughing that feels so good while making it hard to breathe and hard to not wet your pants.

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Web Comic?

I had this great idea to start a web comic.  I was looking at one over the weekend and thought that it was by a woman, probably somebody about my age and like me but smarter and funnier.  I told whomever was near me, “This girl is great!  Everything she says is so true and witty!” and he said, “I think that’s a guy.  All web comics are written by guys.”  And then I said, “Right, right, most comics are by men, and yet I really do think this one is a woman, a woman like me.  Maybe we could be friends!”  And then it turns out not to be a woman at all.  Stupid guy.

So the plan: I will be a woman doing a web comic and I will become famous among nerd circles and on The Internet.  Then I tried to come up with the first one and when I tried to draw it out, the image in my mind didn’t translate to paper at all.  I couldn’t make it happen, not even with stick figures.  And it wasn’t funny.  So maybe that plan won’t work after all.

Plan B: I can go as a dungeon or a dragon.  I will still be the queen of the nerds!

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Tetris quilt is done, for reals!

standing on the couch to display it I will use it as a cape delicious nerd quilt I made this here quilt closeup2 close up1

I finally finished my Tetris quilt this afternoon. For a couple weeks all it needed was the edges to be hemmed and I avoided doing it for no particular reason. I took care of that today, so now it is complete. Pieced together, sandwiched with all three layers, quilted to stitch the layers together, and finished all around the edges. Quilt: complete. I think I will wear it as a cape.

Update: yes, at some point I’ll get around  to reposting the pictures in a size other than gigantic.

Update 2: The quilt is about 50″ x 72″.  Individual squares are 4″ finished.

Update 3: I made another one with an all new design, Tetris Quilt 2.0.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

my office pencil skirt that is too short to wear with boots        look, I'm Christina Aguilera!

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My special powers

My friend Matt (8:16:19 PM): can you read minds? but minds in the past. not like Otto von Bismark past, but mine earlier today. because I need to know what album I wanted to download at around 5:15 today
Me (8:18:56 PM): um… were you downloading the latest red hot chili peppers?
Matt (8:20:07 PM): whoa
Matt (8:20:14 PM): no but it was blood sugar sex magik
Me (8:20:40 PM): are you serious?
Matt (8:20:42 PM): thanks!
Me (8:20:59 PM): you were actually downloading something from the red hot chili peppers?
Matt (8:21:54 PM): well see I was in the car and under the bridge came on and I thought “I should download this” but then when I got home all I remembered was I wanted to download something
Me (8:22:21 PM): and all i thought was “it was probably rhcp”, so i figured it would be the newest one.  i don’t know the name of the album
Me (8:22:31 PM): i really am psychic!!!
Matt (8:23:17 PM): anyway that was much more helpful than brandon, he just said dicks

Also, before the Super Bowl I thought the score would be 35-17, although I didn’t know which team would win.  I told a few people so I would have proof that I was guessing that score before the game even started.  The game ended up being 29-17, and if the Colts had been able to push through those final 10 yards in the last couple minutes it would have been 35-17 (Adam Vinatieri would have uncharacteristically missed the kick for the extra point, of course).  So I was pretty close, really, and got at least one of the numbers correct.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

with a gym bag
With my gym bag.

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Ah, shopping…

I bought a sleeveless shirt and a swimsuit top at Old Navy today with a gift card I got for Christmas, and I still have $11 left.  I didn’t buy the swimsuit bottom to match because there wasn’t a size that fit very well.  One size was a little saggy in the butt and loose on the sides, while the next size down fit well through the hips except didn’t cover all of my behind in the vertical direction, exposing a sliver of butt crack.  I’ll probably just wear it with a basic black bikini bottom I already have.  Ok, that bottom half isn’t even a real swimsuit, it’s just some black Body by Victoria Victoria’s Secret hiphuggers underwear that I wear to the pool.  It’s similar to swimsuit fabric and the swimwear police haven’t stopped me yet, so I think I’m ok.

Shopping is so much fun, especially when I don’t need to spend any money. 

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