Just Seaman now, not Seaman Recruit

I have mixed feelings about this picture.  My oldest brother just graduated from Navy boot camp and will be going to some cryptography school in Florida to be trained in some kind of spying/codebreaking/hacking type thing the Navy does.  I’m proud of him – he really made it through, and look how sailorly he stands with his hands in the required stance.  Then again, my mom is wearing a bright pink fannypack.  So as you can see, I’m torn.

a real sailor




February 2, 2007. Pictures, Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    oh wow, he really did it!

    Your mom’s fanny pack is SO in.

  2. Baby replied:

    “Back to the Future 2” called – they want your mom back. Also, ONE POINT TWENTY ONE GIGAWATTS??!?!

    Seriously, good job Shanesworth, and good job Patricia. You have both excelled at your rarified areas of expertise.

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