My special powers

My friend Matt (8:16:19 PM): can you read minds? but minds in the past. not like Otto von Bismark past, but mine earlier today. because I need to know what album I wanted to download at around 5:15 today
Me (8:18:56 PM): um… were you downloading the latest red hot chili peppers?
Matt (8:20:07 PM): whoa
Matt (8:20:14 PM): no but it was blood sugar sex magik
Me (8:20:40 PM): are you serious?
Matt (8:20:42 PM): thanks!
Me (8:20:59 PM): you were actually downloading something from the red hot chili peppers?
Matt (8:21:54 PM): well see I was in the car and under the bridge came on and I thought “I should download this” but then when I got home all I remembered was I wanted to download something
Me (8:22:21 PM): and all i thought was “it was probably rhcp”, so i figured it would be the newest one.  i don’t know the name of the album
Me (8:22:31 PM): i really am psychic!!!
Matt (8:23:17 PM): anyway that was much more helpful than brandon, he just said dicks

Also, before the Super Bowl I thought the score would be 35-17, although I didn’t know which team would win.  I told a few people so I would have proof that I was guessing that score before the game even started.  The game ended up being 29-17, and if the Colts had been able to push through those final 10 yards in the last couple minutes it would have been 35-17 (Adam Vinatieri would have uncharacteristically missed the kick for the extra point, of course).  So I was pretty close, really, and got at least one of the numbers correct.

February 10, 2007. Words.

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