Tetris quilt is done, for reals!

standing on the couch to display it I will use it as a cape delicious nerd quilt I made this here quilt closeup2 close up1

I finally finished my Tetris quilt this afternoon. For a couple weeks all it needed was the edges to be hemmed and I avoided doing it for no particular reason. I took care of that today, so now it is complete. Pieced together, sandwiched with all three layers, quilted to stitch the layers together, and finished all around the edges. Quilt: complete. I think I will wear it as a cape.

Update: yes, at some point I’ll get around  to reposting the pictures in a size other than gigantic.

Update 2: The quilt is about 50″ x 72″.  Individual squares are 4″ finished.

Update 3: I made another one with an all new design, Tetris Quilt 2.0.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Not a cape! They get caught in propellers!

    I am really digging the quilt. 🙂

  2. Turrean replied:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning!

  3. futuregirl replied:

    I love it! I was a huge tetris junky back in the day when you had to go to the bowling alley arcade to play it. 🙂 I love that you made the board so you can get a tetris. What a way to start the sweet dreams every night. 🙂

  4. kristin replied:

    Oh my gosh, I am so in love with this. Amazing work!

  5. admin replied:

    Full disclosure: most of the design was done by my boyfriend. (www.steveswink.com.) I made a few suggestions and small changes, but the credit for the game pattern goes to him.

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  10. iSaac replied:

    Wow, thanks to StumbleUpon, I have “stumbled” upon your glorious ork of art.
    Really though, thats a very neat quilt. I am impressed. Not just at the design and inspiration, but the quality of work as well. You should be proud of yourself.


  11. iSaac replied:

    ork of art?!?!??! SPELLCHECK!!!
    my self-editing skills have indeed LOST…..

  12. Amber replied:

    This is so awesome!!! I love it.
    Great job, it looks fantastic!

  13. Not Impressed replied:

    that’s hideous!!!!

  14. me replied:

    ha. that’s awesome. you should sell them.

  15. JAVI replied:

    YEA I “stumbled” here too…. nice job!!

  16. Michael Terry replied:

    I’m interested in these posts of yours with pictures. However, it takes approximately 37 1/2 minutes to download your blogs when you include them. Any way you could compress them? Also, could you go back and fix all the ‘what I wore to work’ ones, too. I gave up on those really fast, which is a shame because the whole way I found this site in the first place is because I wanted to see some examples of pencil skirts.

  17. Katie replied:

    Hey! GREAT idea, my mom can do some quilting and I am going to show her, she might try it for me, or teach me how, see, I wanna quilt,cross stitch and make hook rugs… sooo hard because internet tutorials arent that good lately :P:P:P:P Well, AWESOME job!!!

  18. Homemaker of the 21st Century replied:

    What a beautiful quilt! I just “stumbled” across your site, but I’ll be back! Great stuff 🙂

  19. mattie replied:

    that is amazing.

    AND you have a seven samurai poster, if you can yodel you might be my dream girl.

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  22. WEndy replied:

    I just want to tell you that not only is this quilt an awesome idea, but I love that the long piece is about to drop down into the hole. Very satisfying to look at. 😉 I guess you can tell the Tetris addicts from way back from their response to this.

  23. Jon K. replied:

    You might want to make those pictures thumbnails and have them link to the originals. It’s crashin mah browzer!!!

  24. Jezzy replied:

    Gahh!! I wanted to do that! Someone made a tetris baby blanket and I thought I’d make it into a more sophisticated (tetris sophisticated) type of quilt…

    But umm. I’m not big on sewing so if I copy you like the jackass I am, it’ll probably end up looking like a mangled lampshade anywho.

  25. Rose Marie replied:

    how big are the squares

  26. Andin replied:

    Success & good job.

  27. neigeblanche replied:


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