Web Comic?

I had this great idea to start a web comic.  I was looking at one over the weekend and thought that it was by a woman, probably somebody about my age and like me but smarter and funnier.  I told whomever was near me, “This girl is great!  Everything she says is so true and witty!” and he said, “I think that’s a guy.  All web comics are written by guys.”  And then I said, “Right, right, most comics are by men, and yet I really do think this one is a woman, a woman like me.  Maybe we could be friends!”  And then it turns out not to be a woman at all.  Stupid guy.

So the plan: I will be a woman doing a web comic and I will become famous among nerd circles and on The Internet.  Then I tried to come up with the first one and when I tried to draw it out, the image in my mind didn’t translate to paper at all.  I couldn’t make it happen, not even with stick figures.  And it wasn’t funny.  So maybe that plan won’t work after all.

Plan B: I can go as a dungeon or a dragon.  I will still be the queen of the nerds!

February 22, 2007. Words.

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