ANTM 8.1

I watched the season opener of “America’s Next Top Model” today, it’s pretty sweet.  One girl is a ringer for Angelina Jolie, and another named Brittany looks like somebody I know, although maybe it’s just the hair that does it.  There are 12 girls now and I know just a few of their names so far.  The one who was kicked off I called Stupidhead – she didn’t seem very bright.  I think the next episode is when they do the makeovers, chopping off and dyeing hair left and right.  Maybe I could be a model…

Update: I just read the eligibility requirements for the show and I could not in fact be a model.  Minimum height requirement is 5’7″.  I’m five inches too short.  Not just too short to try out for “America’s Next Top Model”, but probably too short to be a worthwhile, attractive, respected adult human being.

March 1, 2007. Words.

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