That is how much I spent at the grocery store this evening.  I think I spend too much money on food – I’m by myself for a week and a half while Steve is in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference and that seems like a lot of money for just me.  Sure, I bought a few staples like $10 of toilet paper and a whole stack of the Michelinas frozen dinners that were on sale for a dollar, but that doesn’t explain that whole amount.

It’s probably all the fresh fruit and vegetables.  I try to buy only what’s on sale, but sometimes I don’t stick to that, or the sale prices themselves aren’t very good.  For example, I’ve been eating a lot of grapefruits that at 99 cents per pound are about a dollar each.  I fill a bag every time, which usually holds 5 or 6. 

I’ve always loved grocery shopping.  When I was in high school after I got my drivers license in 10th grade my mom would often give me a blank check made out to the supermarket, hand me a basic list, and send me on my way.  I liked being able to choose the foods that I liked and pick which brand and style of list-items to buy, and I was always looking for a bargain.  For our family of five the weekly total was often around $140.  Why does my own personal bill come to half that amount for one-fifth the number of people?  Inflation is a factor, I’m sure.  And the school doesn’t feed us our mid-day meals anymore.   Also, I buy more expensive things now than I did when I was shopping for our family.  I like being able to splurge on expensive foods we couldn’t buy when I was younger, like fresh fruits that aren’t in season, or fancy desserts simply because I’m craving them.

My latest craving, along with grapefruit, is the kind of chocolate ice cream bar with the crunchy outer coating.  I couldn’t find any Crunch bars so the first time I bought the generic brand (soggy rice bits instead of toffee, not so good) and then I bought a Heath bar on a stick which was delicious.  This time I got Klondike bars that have Heath bits but no stick.  It’s weird – I’ve never been a big fan of ice cream and certainly not chocolate ice cream.  At work, when management brings in ice cream sandwiches and Fudgesicles I always pass.  I don’t even like orange Dreamsicles – why do they have to ruin a perfectly good orange popsicle with that gross ice cream?  And here I am actively seeking out vanilla ice cream bars with a chocolatey coating.  So good!

March 4, 2007. Words.

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