Easiest interview ever

I had an interview yesterday for a senior funder position in my office (currently I am a funder, the regular kind, so this would be a step up).  It was with my current manager and was pretty ridiculous.  She had to ask the questions from the interview sheet anyway.  Here is an approximation of how it went.
Manager: Why do you want to become a senior funder?
Me:  I am one of the senior funders in a general sense and I would like to make it official.  I’ve been in the office longer than anybody who isn’t management, I’ve been funding longer than any of the other funders, I know the process extremely well, I already act as a team lead and a contact for anybody with questions, I consistently have good reviews.  I’d like to get the official title and recognition.
Manager:  And the salary, you want that too.
Me:  Yes, I want more money.
Manager:  How would you manage the additional responsibilities as a senior funder?
Me:  Would I have any additional responsibilities compared to now?
Manager:  No, you really wouldn’t.  Yeah, you’re doing everything already.  Let me write that down… “already doing it”, got it.

Unless something completely unexpected happens, I should be offered the job next week and the pay raise will probably take effect a few weeks after that.

March 7, 2007. Words.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Very cool… congrats!

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