But sharing a bed is the best part!

To Have, Hold and Cherish, until Bedtime

I like falling asleep cuddled up together.  I like waking up to find him in bed with me and wrapping myself around him before falling back asleep.  I like having someone to help me wake up in the morning.  I like a reasonable companion to reassure my sleeping self when I leap from the bed in a panic or kick my legs at an imaginary assailant or try to pull the blankets to the floor during sleepwalking (sleep-punching, sleep-jumping, etc) incidents. 

I’ve been sleeping alone for the past week while Steve has been in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference, and I’ve had some confusing episodes.  The first night I remember hallucinating but I don’t think I got out of bed so it doesn’t really count as sleepwalking.  I opened my eyes to find somebody (completely imaginary, it turned out) standing near the bed.  I bolted upright in a panic, then realized it was just a visitor bringing a bouquet of flowers for me and there was nothing to worry about.  I stared at the wall for another minute, pretty sure that this wasn’t real but I could still see the yellow flowers so maybe it was, and decided that I would go back to sleep and deal with it the morning.

Several mornings I had trouble with the alarm clock.  The first time the radio on Monday morning, I turned it off completely and closed my eyes again for sleep.  A moment later I realized, wait, no, I needed to hit snooze, not turn it off, or else I wouldn’t wake up again for work..  So I did that, even though the radio was already off so nothing happened.  Hm… oh yeah I can turn the alarm back on, which I did.  So it was set for the original time, which by now was a minute prior.  Ok, I got this, somehow I need to make the alarm go off again in a few minutes… Oh!  I can set the alarm for a few minutes in the future!  Which I did, successfully, and then hit the snooze button a few more times.  The same thing happened the next morning.  On Wednesday I heard the radio say something about 7:35 so I leaped to the floor, thinking I had somehow overslept and I needed to leave in ten minutes to make it to my dentist appointment on time.  But the clock said 6:45, and I confirmed it on my cell phone in case I had mistakenly changed the clock’s time or something.  I’m still not sure what happened. 

March 11, 2007. Words.

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