Evening at the mall

I went to my second movie in as many weeks, which is significantly more movie-watching than I’ve averaged the past few years.  I saw “Because I said So” with a friend and it was pretty bad.  One of the two main charaters, played by Mandy Moore, was hard to take seriously.  I think she was supposed to be in her mid-to-late twenties, and I kept thinking about how Mandy Moore is only 22 and recently started dating DJ AM, Nicole Richie’s ex-fiance, who is maybe 33 or 34.  He’s too old for her!  And the men she’s dating in the movie are also too old for her!  And why do those two men both really like her character?  She’s wishy-washy and timid and rambling and annoying and unable to be assertive about anything she believes or thinks or wants.  Maybe it’s because she’s very beautiful, and tall with a perfect smile, but I wasn’t able to believe that they were so smitten with her.  And her mother, played by Diane Keaton, is even more annoying, and for some unfathomable reason everybody puts up with her. 

I don’t have any sisters so maybe I just don’t understand the way these things work, but I found it hard to believe that the three sisters and their mother would all strip down together before a massage and talk about their underwear, and then talk about sex and include their mom in the conversation.  Oh, and I’m supposed to believe that the mother has never had an orgasm?  She’s a grown woman!  In her 60s!  When Mandy Moore finds out, she asks, “Didn’t you with Dad…?”  (The response: “Your dad said he didn’t have all day, and he worked nights.”)  What about by herself, with or without Dad?  Come on!  I was unable to suspend disbelief to get into these poorly written scenes.  Also, one of the guys wears ridiculous vests a lot.

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ANTM 8.1

I watched the season opener of “America’s Next Top Model” today, it’s pretty sweet.  One girl is a ringer for Angelina Jolie, and another named Brittany looks like somebody I know, although maybe it’s just the hair that does it.  There are 12 girls now and I know just a few of their names so far.  The one who was kicked off I called Stupidhead – she didn’t seem very bright.  I think the next episode is when they do the makeovers, chopping off and dyeing hair left and right.  Maybe I could be a model…

Update: I just read the eligibility requirements for the show and I could not in fact be a model.  Minimum height requirement is 5’7″.  I’m five inches too short.  Not just too short to try out for “America’s Next Top Model”, but probably too short to be a worthwhile, attractive, respected adult human being.

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