A nightcap doesn’t really count as drinking alone

I just read Everyone Worth Knowing, a fluffy little book by Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada. When I say that I just read it, I mean that I started last night in bed, read during my lunch hour, and didn’t leave the couch all evening until now. It is a lot like a novel version of “Sex and the City” with slightly younger characters. The protagonist is a 27-year-old woman who leaves her job at a large financial services company and finds herself working at a hip public relations firm planning parties at hot clubs and restaurants in New York for beautiful, rich socialites and celebrities. She learns some valuable lessons about herself in the process. I was expecting more sex scenes.

Now I really want to drink and dress up to go out and head to a bar or party. Maybe the basic dressy casual uniform of tank top, jeans, high heels, and some kind of jewelry. I would even put on make-up for the occasion. Someplace with dancing and happy, boozy people chatting each other up. In the last four months, I’ve had alcohol only once, and even then it was just one glass. I’m ready for a serious cocktail party.

Where my girls at??

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I am so smart, S-M-R-T

Last week I was baking the most amazing brownies in the world (witnesses will attest that these particular brownies are in fact amazing) and I was going to spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray. The nozzle wasn’t fully turned onto the red dot exactly — close enough that oil would probably come out, sure, but not symmetrical enough to satisfy my soul — and I set about fixing this. As I stared at the nozzle in deep concentration, I was completely startled to be blasted full in the face with a voluminous burst of non-sticking cooking spray. Right in my eye.

I laughed for a long time. I mostly blinked in time to avoid actual damage, thank goodness. I’ve done quite a bit of baking and spray nozzle-adjusting and I have never accidentally sprayed it before, let alone into my own face. It felt like old-fashioned slapstick comedy.

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   Grace Wegner
June 16, 1910 – April 20, 2007

  the last time I saw her, August 2006

94th birthday - June 16, 2004

Christmas, maybe 2003? 

fall 2005

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Sunday afternoon at the park

Here are the pictures Steve took at the pre-wedding barbeque celebration in the park on Sunday for Dan and Beth.  The series of the two of them at the bottom on their last day legally unmarried isn’t quite as illuminating as planned.

baby ducks! just waiting for her to fall in as she looks at ducks the location hanging out steve and amy  amy and dog um... interesting perspective there  crystal and beth and the food matt matthew rcdan and beth 1 dan and beth 2 dan and beth 6 dan and beth8 



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Tonight’s main event


more before   before   ew




after!   that's better


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Relaxing weekend day

I woke up at 12:12 pm after sleeping for a good 13 hours.  First I had to take out the dog.  I ate a healthy breakfast of two grapefruits (my only grapefruits of the day!) and a whole wheat english muffin, one half with cream cheese and raspberry jam and the other half with cashew macademia butter.  It’s like peanut butter, but not with peanuts.

Next I covered myself in SPF 45 sunscreen and headed out to the pool.  I sunned myself for almost three hours while reading  Time and O: The Oprah Magazine.  Afterwards I showered and read more internets.

Steve came home and gave me half a Chipotle burrito, to which I added tomatoes and shredded cheese.  We took the dog for a walk.  I made brownies and we headed downstairs to watch the first four episodes of season 3 “Monk”.  Again the dog requested going out.  Now I am going to get ready for bed.  What a delightful day.

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This made me laugh


 The title is just so clever.  “That’s where you come in – nickel washer!”  I never could have thought of that.  It’s brilliant.  Crude, yes, and so funny.  I’m not pasting the whole thing because I don’t usually swear, and it would feel weird to have cuss words on my blog.

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Thank god for breaking news from CNN

A top-billed headline on cnn.com’s health page: “Most Americans don’t eat smart and exercise, CDC says”.  Brilliant investigative reporting!  This revelation will completely change the way I understand the culture of my country.  Wow.

I guess having survey data to back up that claim is new, or important, or something.  It seems only a seventh of the population exercises enough and eats enough fruits and vegetables.  (Grapefruits are fruits!  I’m golden!)

I don’t exercise enough, I know.  I’m pleased when I make it to the gym three times a week, and each gym session involves only 20-50 minutes riding the elliptical machine (usually in the 25-35 range) and a 10-15 minute stretching session.  That’s not enough to keep myself healthy or as slender as I would like.  Exercise has so many benefits.  There’s no good reason I don’t do it more often and with more enthusiasm.

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Grapefruit update

I ate five today.  Two for breakfast, two for dinner, and one just now as an evening snack.

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Pregnant lady at the gym

There was a young pregnant woman at the gym.  I passed her in the locker room and tried not to stare.  I also looked at myself in the mirror to confirm that I didn’t also appear pregnant (answer: debatable).  She looked like she was in her mid-twenties and maybe her 6th month.  She walked like a pregnant woman does, and her tank top was tight over an obvious baby bump.  I wonder if I’ll be exercising and taking good care of myself like that when I’m at the end of my second trimester.  Later on, I mean, if I ever do the whole pregnancy thing.  Now I’m just pregnant with grapefruits….

I just did a quick search for grapefruit cravings and many of the first hits were about pregnancy.  One of them, in fact, was about craving grapefruit and guacamole.  What did I eat tonight?  Grapefruit and guacamole.  And cheese.  Thank god for the cheese, otherwise I might have been pregnant.  Crisis averted.

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