Pregnant lady at the gym

There was a young pregnant woman at the gym.  I passed her in the locker room and tried not to stare.  I also looked at myself in the mirror to confirm that I didn’t also appear pregnant (answer: debatable).  She looked like she was in her mid-twenties and maybe her 6th month.  She walked like a pregnant woman does, and her tank top was tight over an obvious baby bump.  I wonder if I’ll be exercising and taking good care of myself like that when I’m at the end of my second trimester.  Later on, I mean, if I ever do the whole pregnancy thing.  Now I’m just pregnant with grapefruits….

I just did a quick search for grapefruit cravings and many of the first hits were about pregnancy.  One of them, in fact, was about craving grapefruit and guacamole.  What did I eat tonight?  Grapefruit and guacamole.  And cheese.  Thank god for the cheese, otherwise I might have been pregnant.  Crisis averted.

April 3, 2007. Words.

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