Thank god for breaking news from CNN

A top-billed headline on’s health page: “Most Americans don’t eat smart and exercise, CDC says”.  Brilliant investigative reporting!  This revelation will completely change the way I understand the culture of my country.  Wow.

I guess having survey data to back up that claim is new, or important, or something.  It seems only a seventh of the population exercises enough and eats enough fruits and vegetables.  (Grapefruits are fruits!  I’m golden!)

I don’t exercise enough, I know.  I’m pleased when I make it to the gym three times a week, and each gym session involves only 20-50 minutes riding the elliptical machine (usually in the 25-35 range) and a 10-15 minute stretching session.  That’s not enough to keep myself healthy or as slender as I would like.  Exercise has so many benefits.  There’s no good reason I don’t do it more often and with more enthusiasm.

April 5, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Reminds me of the first article that the newly-formed ‘Optimal Health’ group at work wrote for the company newsletter:

    ‘Exercise is Beneficial!’

    Ruined my beautiful newsletter. 😦

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