Sunday afternoon at the park

Here are the pictures Steve took at the pre-wedding barbeque celebration in the park on Sunday for Dan and Beth.  The series of the two of them at the bottom on their last day legally unmarried isn’t quite as illuminating as planned.

baby ducks! just waiting for her to fall in as she looks at ducks the location hanging out steve and amy  amy and dog um... interesting perspective there  crystal and beth and the food matt matthew rcdan and beth 1 dan and beth 2 dan and beth 6 dan and beth8 



April 17, 2007. Pictures, Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    oooo pictures! That last one of me is horrible though… I think my mouth was full or something 😛

    That one with you and Kolayna is pretty awesome!

  2. Dan replied:

    Ugh resize your images! Use Picasa from google
    it’s free.

    Also, can’t say those pictures at the end are that great… i look like some bud light drinking hillbilly.. I had about 1/4th of that can before I dumped it

    Thanks for reminding me to get a haircut before we leave though!

  3. anon replied:

    If I stare at long enough, I can see Kalayna!

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