I am so smart, S-M-R-T

Last week I was baking the most amazing brownies in the world (witnesses will attest that these particular brownies are in fact amazing) and I was going to spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray. The nozzle wasn’t fully turned onto the red dot exactly — close enough that oil would probably come out, sure, but not symmetrical enough to satisfy my soul — and I set about fixing this. As I stared at the nozzle in deep concentration, I was completely startled to be blasted full in the face with a voluminous burst of non-sticking cooking spray. Right in my eye.

I laughed for a long time. I mostly blinked in time to avoid actual damage, thank goodness. I’ve done quite a bit of baking and spray nozzle-adjusting and I have never accidentally sprayed it before, let alone into my own face. It felt like old-fashioned slapstick comedy.

April 23, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJabe replied:

    Haha… I can recall doing a few things just as slap-sticky. The bad part is that some people just keep laughing WAY after the ‘funny’ is over, 😛

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