Possible sleepwalking story

Earlier in the week I woke up from nightmare at 4:10 a.m. and got up to go the bathroom.  As I was getting back in bed, I grabbed my extra pillow that had fallen to the floor and noticed it didn’t have a pillowcase on it.  I was too sleepy to fix it so left it as is.  The next day Steve said that he saw that when he got up and figured I had done it on purpose.  I had not. 

Subsequent tests showed that the pillow could not have accidentally come out of its case when falling to the floor or being moved around the bed.  To get it out of the pillowcase, it required vigorous, purposeful pulling and/or shaking.  After experimenting, we concluded that in my sleep I had removed the pillowcase and thrown it to the floor for some reason, although not with enough noise or the usual crazy sleep-thrashing to wake him up to catch me in the act.  We’ll never know the true sequence of events.

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I might have a grapefruit problem

I just ate my fourth fifth grapefruit of the day so far.  It’s the last one in the house so I can’t eat anymore until I go to the store.  Could this have possible negative effects on my health?  I haven’t gotten the runs yet, so that aspect seems ok at least.  I read a few articles online today that talked about how something in grapefruit and grapefruit juice affects the way the body metabolizes medicine, especially with cholesterol-lowering drugs like Lipitor.  Good thing I’m not taking Lipitor.  I can’t seem to control myself, and why would I want to when grapefruits are so good??

My main concern is that they’re expensive — a dollar per pound at the nearby grocery store, and each grapefruit weighs about a pound.  That’s five dollars a day in pure grapefruit consumption.  I can’t afford to keep this up unless I stop buying all other food, which isn’t a good idea either.  I suppose it’s better than five candy bars a day.

April 1, 2007. Words. 1 comment.

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