No class for me

I got a message today saying that my class was canceled due to low enrollment.  The class that was supposed to start in less than a week.  The one I was looking forward to and to be the main focal point of my summer.  The one that was to help me not grow continually stupider as the years after college slide by.

I need to call tomorrow to confirm how they will be refunding my money.  The accounting class at the other community college that I was considering is full.  I’m pretty sure this is God’s way of telling me I should devote the summer to watching the entire “Dawson’s Creek” series, from premiere to finale, like I was considering.  I mean, I have a deep and personal faith in God and God’s involvement in my life and this is the only possibility I can see.  “Dawson’s Creek”, every day, for two months.  How could it go wrong?

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I’m not blind… yet.

I worked on my quilt for two and a half hours this evening, although it didn’t feel longer than a movie like that.  It was a nice end to a rough day at work.  Nothing bad happened, it just wasn’t productive.  I toiled and toiled and nothing came of it, I wasn’t able to put much in my outbox.  I went to Target during my lunch hour to buy a sheet to use as border and backing for the quilt and they didn’t have what I needed so my break wasn’t even productive.

Well, I did buy a new contacts case which was useful.  Until recently a month or so ago I used the recalled brand of contact solution (AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution) so I followed the instructions and tossed my case to buy a clean, microbe-free new one.  I haven’t gone blind yet so I think I’m ok.  If I do lose an eye because it turns out I do have the highly improbable infection, I’ll shrug and say, “I hadn’t gone blind yet so I thought I was ok”, and we’ll all laugh.

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Six stitches forward, one stitch back

I started sewing the blocks of my quilt together tonight and it looks really good.  I’m pleased with the way the design turned out, and I am confident that I will be able to sew it together into true quilt form successfully.

I have to take out a long row of stitches for two large chunks I just sewed together, unfortunately.  One of the pieces wasn’t rotated correctly so I need to take it out and put it back in.  Nothing too fancy, just time consuming.  I will remember to confirm the colors of the blocks are lined up right before pinning it when working on the rest of the quilt, at least.

My class starts in a week so I need to get as much completed as I can before Monday, and my schedule is clear to be able to do it.  Dog and I are on our own until Thursday – the live-in butler is on a trip to San Jose (I do give him a few weeks off every year, he works hard and deserves a vacation), the downstairs neighbors are in Europe, and my brother is on a business trip.  So it’s just the dog, 50 square feet of fabric, and me.

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Good old-fashioned domestic violence

Warning: this post contains foul language.

Last Saturday I met up with some friends for a relaxing afternoon swimming. As we pulled up to the apartment complex I saw two people who looked like they were arguing in the guest parking lot. They were probably in their mid-to-late twenties; she was petite and blond and he was of average height with dark hair. As we waited for traffic to clear so we could turn into the parking lot – my brother was driving – it looked like she was trying to walk away and he would pull her back by the arm.

We turned into the parking spot and opened the car doors, letting in the loud, expletive-filled argument. I couldn’t even tell what they were fighting about, it had gotten so angry. She took off her flip-flops and threw them at him, then turned to go again. He laughed and said, “What the fuck, you’re going to fucking leave barefoot? Fucking stupid.”

She approached him again and they continued shouting, up in each other’s faces, their arms up in the air threatening to start shoving. My brother was unloading things from his car as I stared at them, wondering what I would do if it turned violent. There were a few people standing on their apartment balcony watching too.

Then the guy punched her in the face. One of the other onlookers said, “Oh no he didn’t!” in amused surprise. Yes, yes he did. It didn’t look very hard – she didn’t stagger or reel back from it – but it was definitely a closed hand hitting her jaw. She exploded, “You fucking asshole! You fucking get the hell out of here you piece of shit, I fucking hate you!” She pummeled her fists at his chest while he tried to hold her wrists to keep her from hitting him. He flung her away and stalked off to a car.

She followed, still screaming. “You fucking ain’t taking my car, you fucker! Fuck you, get out of my car!” He got in the drivers seat, shouting his own profanities back at her while she started hitting the car as he slowly backed out. Then she got in the passengers seat and they drove off together. I don’t know if she got her flip-flops back or not.

We told our friends about it as soon as we got to their apartment and we were divided about what the appropriate thing for an onlooker to do in a situation like that. My brother said that if it had gotten really violent, like if one of them threw the other to the ground and started kicking in heads, he would have intervened. If a weapon was drawn I would have called the police. But how much is really my business? If they want to fight and then drive off together, why should I get involved, especially when the violence and vitriol seemed mutual?

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An unexpected audience

I found out today that a few surprising people read my blog.  I see you now, lurking through the pages without posting a comment or announcing your presence, enjoying the thrill of knowing somebody’s secrets on the sly.  I know you’re reading now so you might as well come out.  As I’ve discovered since starting my two websites last fall (yes, two – let’s see if you can track that one down…) comments are delightful.  Someone has been interested enough in my life to read what I have to say?  And they want to comment on it??  Fabulous!  Tell me more about what you think of me…

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Quilting is fun

I would like to take a picture of my quilt to show the progress but Steve’s camera is full and I don’t know where mine is.  I’m trying to decide on whether I’m doing a 4×5 quilt or a 5×5.  The non-square is more aesthetically pleasing in terms of proportions, and I like the colors better when there are more of the dark turquoise blocks in the larger quilt.  Either way, I have at least 6 more blocks to make and then they all get sewn together, I add a border, purchase the backing material, make the fabric sandwich with the batting in the middle.  Then I still have to tie it together — hopefully that’s quicker and easier than actual stitch quilting — and finish the edges.  It’s a lot to finish in the next four weeks.  I’m working with a strict deadline.
Which is why I’m going to spend another hour in the living room listening to my John Mayer and Lauryn Hill and  getting immersed in the flow state of quilting.

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Now that I feel sufficiently bad about myself…

Through some credit card or frequent flier program or another I was given a few free magazine subscriptions.  Among the mediocre options was Maxim, which I chose as one of my subscriptions.  (The other might have been Wired, although it hasn’t shown up yet so maybe not.)  My second issue arrived today and I read through most of it and decided that it was maybe not the best choice.  After an hour of looking at sexy pictures of impossibly hot women and thinking about how the magazine’s market research and sales experience during their tenure have carefully calibrated the content to the desires and fantasies of their target audience, I feel rather down.

Is it important to me that Maxim readers find me physically attractive?  Are there actions I can take to address my concerns rather than just whining and moping around?  How do I reconcile my need to be considered sexy with my desire to be treated as a person and not a sex object?  Would I too look that hot if I had a make-up artist, stylist, flattering lighting, and a professional photographer?  These are the questions I asked myself when reading Maxim.

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My dog sure is expensive

I’m hoping to bring my surprisingly old dog with me when I fly to Minnesota in a month for a family reunion and my grandmother’s memorial service.  She could meet my mom’s tiny dogs and let herself out through the dog door whenever she wanted and smell all the wonderful smells before she dies within a few years.  I took her to Petsmart this evening to find a carrier bag for her and they didn’t have any big enough.  She is actually rather large, especially for a dog who is supposed to fit under an airplane seat.

So I just ordered the large Sherpa Original Deluxe bag from for $74 with tax.  It’s larger than official regulation size according to the USAirways website, but not by much and I think it will be ok.  Assuming the dog will fit into it, which isn’t guaranteed.  I’ll find out when the bag arrives.

Then, I have to pay an extra $80 each way as the pet fee.  It must be worth it to me or else I wouldn’t be willing to pay it, I suppose.  If she can’t come with me and the man of the house does, she’ll have to be walked, fed, watered, petted, and taken care of by friends who, while completely responsible individuals who would make sure my old dog survived my absence, should not be forced to take on that responsibility.  She has to go out at least three times a day at specific intervals.  That’s a lot to ask of people who aren’t even dog people.

Sending her underneath the plane with the baggage isn’t an option.  The airline doesn’t allow it out of this airport because the heat can be extremely dangerous, plus she’s too old for it anyway.  She could break a hip in transit.

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I’m a student again!

I just registered to take Accounting Principles at South Mountain Community College. The class meets Monday through Thursday evenings, 6:00-7:30, in June and July. I considered the one at Mesa Community College that’s only twice a week 7:10-9:50 p.m., and decided that I like the other one better. It’s just half a mile away from my home, I’m done at 7:30 on class days, I have a valid reason to leave work promptly at 5:30, and it allows twice as much opportunity to talk to fellow students before class starts every day. Sure, it meets every day for two months, and yet somehow I like it better.

The book is going to cost almost a hundred dollars on top of the $210 tuition and registration fees. If I can produce the proper documentation and get the right forms signed and sent to the correct departments before the course starts in a few weeks, the tuition reimbursement program at work will give me back $195 at the end of the term.

I need to buy a notebook!

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Quilt Number Two has started

I started working on my second quilt over the weekend, and promptly ran out of fabric halfway through. I went to Joann Fabric this evening, months after originally purchasing the fabric, with dim hopes of finding more of the same patterns so I didn’t have to come up with some kind of new plan to incorporate what I had already made with new colors. Turns out the store is closing in a month to move to a new “superstore” location and they’ve been having closeout sales on all their merchandise. At least half their fabric selection was already gone. I sadly perused the remaining bolts, grasping my samples, looking for coordinating fabrics.

But wait, what’s that in the corner! And over there on the bottom shelf? I found two of the three fabrics I wanted! The third I didn’t have much hope for anyway, since I had purchased the last of the bolt originally and didn’t expect them to reorder the exact same design. I chose two more fabrics that could go well with the rest of the quilt and bought all of them, for $65. I got a little crazy, although they were half off so at least there’s that. I can definitely make another quilt or two out of the remainder after I finish my current one. My new pizza cutter-like roller and template cutting mat make the process quicker and more exact.

Tomorrow is a gym day, then Wednesday I’m taking my car for emissions testing, and Thursday is another gym day. Friday and Saturday are for quilting, and by the end of the weekend I could have it completely pieced together and ready for the quilt sandwich part to begin.

I think quilt #3 will be another Tetris quilt, so let me know if you’d be interested in purchasing a nerd blanket…

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