Quilt Number Two has started

I started working on my second quilt over the weekend, and promptly ran out of fabric halfway through. I went to Joann Fabric this evening, months after originally purchasing the fabric, with dim hopes of finding more of the same patterns so I didn’t have to come up with some kind of new plan to incorporate what I had already made with new colors. Turns out the store is closing in a month to move to a new “superstore” location and they’ve been having closeout sales on all their merchandise. At least half their fabric selection was already gone. I sadly perused the remaining bolts, grasping my samples, looking for coordinating fabrics.

But wait, what’s that in the corner! And over there on the bottom shelf? I found two of the three fabrics I wanted! The third I didn’t have much hope for anyway, since I had purchased the last of the bolt originally and didn’t expect them to reorder the exact same design. I chose two more fabrics that could go well with the rest of the quilt and bought all of them, for $65. I got a little crazy, although they were half off so at least there’s that. I can definitely make another quilt or two out of the remainder after I finish my current one. My new pizza cutter-like roller and template cutting mat make the process quicker and more exact.

Tomorrow is a gym day, then Wednesday I’m taking my car for emissions testing, and Thursday is another gym day. Friday and Saturday are for quilting, and by the end of the weekend I could have it completely pieced together and ready for the quilt sandwich part to begin.

I think quilt #3 will be another Tetris quilt, so let me know if you’d be interested in purchasing a nerd blanket…

May 7, 2007. Words.

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