My dog sure is expensive

I’m hoping to bring my surprisingly old dog with me when I fly to Minnesota in a month for a family reunion and my grandmother’s memorial service.  She could meet my mom’s tiny dogs and let herself out through the dog door whenever she wanted and smell all the wonderful smells before she dies within a few years.  I took her to Petsmart this evening to find a carrier bag for her and they didn’t have any big enough.  She is actually rather large, especially for a dog who is supposed to fit under an airplane seat.

So I just ordered the large Sherpa Original Deluxe bag from for $74 with tax.  It’s larger than official regulation size according to the USAirways website, but not by much and I think it will be ok.  Assuming the dog will fit into it, which isn’t guaranteed.  I’ll find out when the bag arrives.

Then, I have to pay an extra $80 each way as the pet fee.  It must be worth it to me or else I wouldn’t be willing to pay it, I suppose.  If she can’t come with me and the man of the house does, she’ll have to be walked, fed, watered, petted, and taken care of by friends who, while completely responsible individuals who would make sure my old dog survived my absence, should not be forced to take on that responsibility.  She has to go out at least three times a day at specific intervals.  That’s a lot to ask of people who aren’t even dog people.

Sending her underneath the plane with the baggage isn’t an option.  The airline doesn’t allow it out of this airport because the heat can be extremely dangerous, plus she’s too old for it anyway.  She could break a hip in transit.

May 10, 2007. Words.

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