Now that I feel sufficiently bad about myself…

Through some credit card or frequent flier program or another I was given a few free magazine subscriptions.  Among the mediocre options was Maxim, which I chose as one of my subscriptions.  (The other might have been Wired, although it hasn’t shown up yet so maybe not.)  My second issue arrived today and I read through most of it and decided that it was maybe not the best choice.  After an hour of looking at sexy pictures of impossibly hot women and thinking about how the magazine’s market research and sales experience during their tenure have carefully calibrated the content to the desires and fantasies of their target audience, I feel rather down.

Is it important to me that Maxim readers find me physically attractive?  Are there actions I can take to address my concerns rather than just whining and moping around?  How do I reconcile my need to be considered sexy with my desire to be treated as a person and not a sex object?  Would I too look that hot if I had a make-up artist, stylist, flattering lighting, and a professional photographer?  These are the questions I asked myself when reading Maxim.

May 15, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Oh pfft… don’t feel bad about yourself. Just think of the similarities. 🙂

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