Quilting is fun

I would like to take a picture of my quilt to show the progress but Steve’s camera is full and I don’t know where mine is.  I’m trying to decide on whether I’m doing a 4×5 quilt or a 5×5.  The non-square is more aesthetically pleasing in terms of proportions, and I like the colors better when there are more of the dark turquoise blocks in the larger quilt.  Either way, I have at least 6 more blocks to make and then they all get sewn together, I add a border, purchase the backing material, make the fabric sandwich with the batting in the middle.  Then I still have to tie it together — hopefully that’s quicker and easier than actual stitch quilting — and finish the edges.  It’s a lot to finish in the next four weeks.  I’m working with a strict deadline.
Which is why I’m going to spend another hour in the living room listening to my John Mayer and Lauryn Hill and  getting immersed in the flow state of quilting.

May 21, 2007. Words.

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