An unexpected audience

I found out today that a few surprising people read my blog.  I see you now, lurking through the pages without posting a comment or announcing your presence, enjoying the thrill of knowing somebody’s secrets on the sly.  I know you’re reading now so you might as well come out.  As I’ve discovered since starting my two websites last fall (yes, two – let’s see if you can track that one down…) comments are delightful.  Someone has been interested enough in my life to read what I have to say?  And they want to comment on it??  Fabulous!  Tell me more about what you think of me…

May 24, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    You know, I found out yesterday that there a couple of surprising people reading my blog too… people at work, who I have never, ever talked to. It’s really weird… one of them reminds me eerily of my brother-in-law, and now I know why he look guilty every time I see him!

    I’m content to let him lurk though… whatever floats his boat.

    I just can’t understand how he found the site.

  2. Sandy replied:

    Your Blog has proven to be rather interesting now that you have stopped posting photos of yourself. Just what does a 20something think about the world, jobs, life with a closely-attatched partner of the opposite sex, etc? And, being new at the game, how does one find out what your other Blog is? By the by, I have never been a lurker, at least not recently!!!!

  3. admin replied:

    The photos will come back as soon as I locate my camera and put new batteries in it. Daily pictures of myself? That’s what narcissistic blogs are for!!

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