The tiniest of car accidents

I went to the library during my lunch hour yesterday and somebody else hit my car in the parking lot. I was looking for a shaded space and somebody else was about to back out so i stopped to wait for her. She backed out slowly, slowly, and came very close to my car. I sat and watched the bumper of the white Ford Focus approach and thought, “Wow she sure is cutting it close.” The car stopped and I was relieved. Then it started again and gave the front of my car a love tap. After a pause when I wondered if the driver even realized what had happened, an older woman – maybe 65 – jumped out of her car. I sighed, put my car in park, and also got out without even turning off my engine.

“Are you ok??” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, how about you, see any damage here?” I said, looking at our bumpers.

“Are you alright??? Are you ok? I didn’t even see you there!”

“Yes, I’m fine. Are you alright? Our cars don’t show anything.”

“Oh my god. Yes, they’re fine. I can’t believe I didn’t see you there. Ok!” She was flustered.

“I think we’re good then,” I said. She agreed, got back in her car, and drove away. I parked in the shady spot I wanted.

I suppose I should have used my horn to announce my presence. I thought she saw me though, since I was right there in the parking lot and all not using my invisibility cloak, and she first stopped right in front of my vehicle with plenty of room to turn before inexplicably backing up some more.  It was weird. I’m glad she was backing out so slowly.

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More Mothers Day 2007 quilt pictures

holding  the quilt

detail of a block

with relatives

Here I am with my mother and Jackson, my 13-year-old first cousin once removed. I like the way my shirt and new necklace passed to me from Grandma’s collection echo the colors. And how I look skinny. And how two-tone my mother’s skin is. I mean, compare her arms to her legs. You need to wear more sunscreen on your regularly exposed skin, Mom.

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Funeral cake – salted with tears of mourning

Here is the cake I made for my grandmother’s memorial service last week. I am told that it was delicious and that she would have enjoyed it. I had trouble making the sides smooth without a turntable. I finally found a use for my lazysusan I bought at Ikea just because I liked it.
so delicious... must be the sadness

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What kind of society do you live in?

Abortion Politics: The Third Rail

One letter writer says, “I suspect that many bleeding-heart liberals agree that the fetus is the most vulnerable member of society and deserves protection”.

Are you kidding me?  A fetus is not a “member of society”!  It’s a fetus!  It’s a parasite inside of somebody’s body!  This is not a person we’re talking about here!  It is a fetus!  How could anybody label it a member of society, let alone the most vulnerable member of society!  Oh my god!

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It’s like a freshly laundered apartment

I rearranged the living room tonight, cleaning things up as I went along.  It was time for a change – it had been  about six months since I last moved things around and I was ready for something fresh.

Next up: a cheery blue shower curtain for the rarely-used second bathroom.  The current shower curtain is the cheapest white plastic one Target had to offer.  It does keep water from getting everywhere the very few times anybody uses that bathtub, and I think a second decorative cloth shower curtain would a) brighten things up and b) use some of the dozens of yards of fabric I have in my delightful long new fabric container.  It has wheels, and it hinges in the middle so it can open without pulling it completely out from under the bed!  It was a perfect gift.

Also a perfect gift: half a leftover veggie supreme sandwich from Dilly’s Deli.  As I was walking up the stairs to my apartment after work I thought, “I want to go to Dilly’s for dinner!  How amazing would that sandwich be right now!”  I walked in the door and he said, “I have a present for you!”

I gasped, “Is it a Dilly’s sandwich??” and he said “Yes!”.  I think maybe he was secretly a little disappointed that my telepathy ruined his surprise.  It’s a gift… and a curse.

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Mothers Day Quilt 2007

I apologize for how big these recent pictures have been. Something has changed with something or other and I can’t figure out how to update image size anymore. I’d also like to point out that the scraggly white bits hanging down at the bottom belong to the sheet underneath the quilt. My finished edges were even and smooth.
the quilt

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Wedding cake pictures

Here are some wedding cake photos, courtesy of the bride.

the cake

best cake topper ever

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Excellent housewarming party

My friend ZoeJane and her Lord of the Realm had a housewarming party last night to, well, warm the house they just moved into last week.  It has fantastic wood floors and a large master bedroom and shiny new appliances in the kitchen.  There’s a built-in wine rack that filled with gift bottles of wine as guests arrived.  Although there were 3-4 empty wine bottles at the end of the night so perhaps it’s not as full as it could be.

In addition to wine, I brought a small homemade wedding cake to celebrate their marriage two months ago.  Their  wedding was in the Bahamas and they didn’t even have a cake, so I thought this would be a good time to commemorate the occasion stateside.  Matt Mechtley gave me two little figurines to use as the bridal couple on top: an elf swordsman from HeroQuest and a Chaos Warrior from Warhammer on which I glued a veil and tiny tiara.  (ZoeJane enjoys fantasy novels and games.)  I was pleased with myself.  The cake was delicious and I will post pictures when they are available.  My first real wedding cake was a success!

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Quilt Number Two done! Pictures to follow.

I gave my mother the quilt I have been working on for the past few months. I bought the turquoise fabric months ago – when I was still working on the Tetris quilt in fact – because I saw it and realized that it would be a perfect base for a quilt for my mom. It was originally intended to be a Mothers Day present and then I didn’t start it in time, and shortly after finally beginning it my grandmother died and I changed the design to include pieces of her clothing. The finished product was rather beautiful and I brought it with me to Minnesota to present to my mom, after putting in the final hems the night before. My aunt took pictures of it and I will post some as soon as they are emailed to me.

At the moment I am between quilts. My friend Sarah has asked me to make a baby quilt for their baby due in mid-December. When I went to buy batting at Jo-Ann Fabric a couple weeks ago I spent a good ten minutes excitedly choosing fabrics for the baby quilt even though I wasn’t going to buy any. I focused on bright green as the base with some yellow and a turquoise. I don’t have a design yet so I don’t even know how many colors I’ll need to choose. I also spent some time in the Baby Quilt section looking at the fabrics with ducks and baby bottles and little footprints. Perhaps the back will be more traditionally babyesque.

I have also been asked to make a Kid Icarus quilt, which is a Nintendo game from the ’80s. He hasn’t made the design yet, although it looks like it will be pixel-based with four colors total and focus on just the character and not the level. That will probably be the next one, depending on how soon he buys the fabrics.

Kid Icarus

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Girl talk!

I watched the season opener of “Top Chef” and ate takeout Chinese food with five women tonight. I had such a great time. I had only met one of them before and I didn’t feel awkward. They are all in the same psychology graduate program, which they kept calling “the Program”, and we joked that my being there was actually a cult recruitment effort to get me to join the Program. We also talked about testicles,’80s pop music, and Brazilian bikini waxes. I was part of true girl talk and we all laughed and it was fun.

One person asked how Rebecca and I had met and I said, “”. She replied, “… oh, I see.” After a brief pause Rebecca chimed in: “They have a friend networking thing too. We’re not dating,” and then we laughed some more. It seems that rumor had gotten around in the Program because last time we hung out somebody had said, “She’s out tonight with a girl she met on the internet”. Which is very much true, and does not provide quite the correct idea.

Next Wednesday is going to be awesome, assuming my flight isn’t really delayed and I can still make it. Testicles and old school Paula Abdul, how can you go wrong.

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