I’m so rich I throw away money

On Saturday night I got $10 cash when I paid for my groceries using my debit card.  I folded the money with the receipt and placed it in my purse.  At home awhile later, I cleaned up the kitchen and put away the groceries.  I took out the folded up receipt and went to put it in the garbage.  I paused for a moment, think that perhaps I might want to open it up to look over what I bought.  I pushed aside that voice, reminding myself that all the previous times I read through the receipt I didn’t find anything unusual and was just wasting my time.

Yesterday I went to watch my slightly better half play a hockey game and reached for my new ten dollar bill in case I wanted to buy snacks or something.  I knew I had money because I distinctly remembered getting it at the supermarket… and then I remembered the thoughts just before throwing away the receipt.  And we had just taken out most of the garbages.  I couldn’t remember which one I had put it in.

I dug through the kitchen trash for a minute, then decided it was too smelly and it might not even be in there.  I was very angry at myself, especially since my instinct tried to stop me (Maybe you should unfold that receipt first…) and I insisted on saving those three extra seconds.  Good thing I make $12,000 per hour so it came out even.

June 4, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    reminds me of the time when I had $90 cash in the pocket (i was 15 and that was my life savings) of my old ragged jean shorts, and my mom threw away the shorts without checking the pockets… what a tragedy.

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