This job sounds great

My special friends roommate was talking about me to somebody at his speech club who asked for my resume, and then passed along the job info below for a position that just opened today. It sounds like a challenging, enjoyable, smart job that makes way more money than my current employment.  I could probably still file and collate papers occasionally, too.

Alas, alack, I committed to staying at my less-desirable current job until the fall at minimum. It has been suggested that I interview “just to see”, although what would I do if offered the position? Turn it down? Maybe I could apply for practice. One day I will need to interview for something a little harder and practice might be valuable.

Institutional Research Analyst (Specially Funded)

Salary Range: $45,880.00

Location: District Support Services Cntr

Department: Student Affairs

Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Work Calendar: 12 Months

Job Summary

Collects, analyzes and interprets institutional data and provides findings and reports for use in decision making and to support the colleges’ Maricopa Achieving College Education (ACE) Programs.

Essential Functions

40% – Designs & implements research projects (provides research & research design assistance to district committees and administrators; designs & implements student surveys).
40% – Develops procedures for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and reporting data for program reports.
20% – Develops and maintains databases.

Minimum Qualifications

– Experience with survey and database design & management
– Experience with statistical analysis and interpretation methods, techniques and procedures
– Experience with educational and demographic research and relevant data resources

Desired Qualifications

– College degree in research design, public administration and/or statistics with experience in designing and/or conducting institutional research projects

Special Working Conditions

Positions in this class may require prolonged computer monitor viewing and may require evening and weekend hours.

June 11, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    That does sound kind of fun… lots of number crunching though – statistical analysis. How and who did you committ to fall with your current job? You know, promises are made to be broken… and they certainly can’t fault you for being offered a better job.

  2. Mom replied:

    yeah my thoughts exactly, commit how and why, how does that matter at all to anybody really, it wasn’t like a vow to your current place? and how in 5-10-20 yrs would the second job be for you? as opposed to the current one, or a third job

    sure, interview anyhow, it might be delightful (or not) and then you’ll know
    your mom 🙂

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