Quilt Number Two done! Pictures to follow.

I gave my mother the quilt I have been working on for the past few months. I bought the turquoise fabric months ago – when I was still working on the Tetris quilt in fact – because I saw it and realized that it would be a perfect base for a quilt for my mom. It was originally intended to be a Mothers Day present and then I didn’t start it in time, and shortly after finally beginning it my grandmother died and I changed the design to include pieces of her clothing. The finished product was rather beautiful and I brought it with me to Minnesota to present to my mom, after putting in the final hems the night before. My aunt took pictures of it and I will post some as soon as they are emailed to me.

At the moment I am between quilts. My friend Sarah has asked me to make a baby quilt for their baby due in mid-December. When I went to buy batting at Jo-Ann Fabric a couple weeks ago I spent a good ten minutes excitedly choosing fabrics for the baby quilt even though I wasn’t going to buy any. I focused on bright green as the base with some yellow and a turquoise. I don’t have a design yet so I don’t even know how many colors I’ll need to choose. I also spent some time in the Baby Quilt section looking at the fabrics with ducks and baby bottles and little footprints. Perhaps the back will be more traditionally babyesque.

I have also been asked to make a Kid Icarus quilt, which is a Nintendo game from the ’80s. He hasn’t made the design yet, although it looks like it will be pixel-based with four colors total and focus on just the character and not the level. That will probably be the next one, depending on how soon he buys the fabrics.

Kid Icarus

June 21, 2007. Words.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    ouch! This one looks like it could be difficult.

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