Excellent housewarming party

My friend ZoeJane and her Lord of the Realm had a housewarming party last night to, well, warm the house they just moved into last week.  It has fantastic wood floors and a large master bedroom and shiny new appliances in the kitchen.  There’s a built-in wine rack that filled with gift bottles of wine as guests arrived.  Although there were 3-4 empty wine bottles at the end of the night so perhaps it’s not as full as it could be.

In addition to wine, I brought a small homemade wedding cake to celebrate their marriage two months ago.  Their  wedding was in the Bahamas and they didn’t even have a cake, so I thought this would be a good time to commemorate the occasion stateside.  Matt Mechtley gave me two little figurines to use as the bridal couple on top: an elf swordsman from HeroQuest and a Chaos Warrior from Warhammer on which I glued a veil and tiny tiara.  (ZoeJane enjoys fantasy novels and games.)  I was pleased with myself.  The cake was delicious and I will post pictures when they are available.  My first real wedding cake was a success!

June 24, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    it was fun! I think 15 is about right… and the time flew! I couldn’t believe it was already 1 am. I’m going post pictures now.

  2. sarahhhh replied:

    Whoa….I recall you decorated the shit out of my wedding cake. You did all the real work on that and it was beautiful.

  3. admin replied:

    Oh yeah, that was a real wedding cake I did. I didn’t make any of the components or use any decorations besides frosting, though. Still, I helped with the assembly and the end result was only somewhat crooked. Ok the top tier was really crooked and it got more so as the frosting softened.

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