It’s like a freshly laundered apartment

I rearranged the living room tonight, cleaning things up as I went along.  It was time for a change – it had been  about six months since I last moved things around and I was ready for something fresh.

Next up: a cheery blue shower curtain for the rarely-used second bathroom.  The current shower curtain is the cheapest white plastic one Target had to offer.  It does keep water from getting everywhere the very few times anybody uses that bathtub, and I think a second decorative cloth shower curtain would a) brighten things up and b) use some of the dozens of yards of fabric I have in my delightful long new fabric container.  It has wheels, and it hinges in the middle so it can open without pulling it completely out from under the bed!  It was a perfect gift.

Also a perfect gift: half a leftover veggie supreme sandwich from Dilly’s Deli.  As I was walking up the stairs to my apartment after work I thought, “I want to go to Dilly’s for dinner!  How amazing would that sandwich be right now!”  I walked in the door and he said, “I have a present for you!”

I gasped, “Is it a Dilly’s sandwich??” and he said “Yes!”.  I think maybe he was secretly a little disappointed that my telepathy ruined his surprise.  It’s a gift… and a curse.

June 25, 2007. Words.

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