What kind of society do you live in?

Abortion Politics: The Third Rail

One letter writer says, “I suspect that many bleeding-heart liberals agree that the fetus is the most vulnerable member of society and deserves protection”.

Are you kidding me?  A fetus is not a “member of society”!  It’s a fetus!  It’s a parasite inside of somebody’s body!  This is not a person we’re talking about here!  It is a fetus!  How could anybody label it a member of society, let alone the most vulnerable member of society!  Oh my god!

June 26, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Hahaha… your phrasing reminds me the movie Alien, when the alien was inside the man and ate its way out.

  2. sarah replied:

    My fetus can vote and drive. It likes long walks on the beach, tequila, feeding off my body and has strong opinions about a lot of things. It looks forward to the day it rips my body open in a fit of screaming and blood and comsumes more than its fair share of natural resources.

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