4 hour nap

My head kept hurting even after I had my caffeine and it had a weird hot/cold thing going on and I felt weak and nauseous and realized it was a migraine. I took an Imitrex and ate my lunch early and felt better after awhile, although sleepy and dazed. Work wasn’t too busy so I decided I’d like to go home a couple hours early. I finished my files and gave them to two coworkers in case faxes came in and they could be completed while I was out. I confirmed that my chauffeur could come pick me up — Imitrex has warning labels about dizziness and drowsiness and not operating heavy machinery and in my experience these are valid warnings — and I headed over to my manager’s desk.

“Hey, is it ok if I go home early today?” I began.

“Sure,” she replied, before I even began my explanation.

“I’m not feeling very well and I took a migraine prescription and now it doesn’t hurt although I’m really sleepy and I did all my work already,” I continued.

“Sure, that’s fine,” she said again. “You’re not driving, are you?”

“No, I’m not driving. And someone is coming with him to drive my car back so I don’t leave it here overnight.”

“Good, good,” she said. “This isn’t a good place to leave anything overnight.”

“That is true. Also, I might be late to work tomorrow, in case the migraine rolls over into two days which it does sometimes. I’ll let you know,” I added.

“Ok. I hope you feel better!”

I like my manager. She’s understanding, easygoing, and not strict authorizing time off. As she has pointed out, I’ve never called in sick to work, my only issue is migraines and usually I work through them after the prescription kicks in. I haven’t been sick with the flu or a cold anything since sometime in college, and I graduated over three years ago.

When I got home I promptly went to sleep for four hours.

July 9, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Here’s hoping your migraine *doesn’t* last 2 days!

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