A late Friday night

I didn’t get into bed until 4 o’clock on Friday, having  returned home ten minutes prior.  I went to dinner and a birthday party with some new friends (good work, Okcupid!) and we played games until 12:30.  Then several people left and the rest of us stayed, just hanging out, for several more hours.  I was ready to leave hours earlier but my ride was not, so I stayed and enjoyed myself and hoped that the rest of my household decided not to wait up for me and had gone to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Dinner was at Green, a new vegan restaurant that made me feel preppy and mainstream and somewhat lame.  Two employees had a distinctly Suicide Girls-esque appearance, with dyed black hair and vintage thrift store dresses and tattoos; more than one customer sported dreadlocks.  One young woman was wearing a black corset top over a tank top to go along with her whitish foundation and black eye make-up and lipstick.  We made eye contact and she glared me at for second before I sheepishly looked away.  I imagined that a man with very long brown hair and Birkenstocks, reading the newspaper while he waited for his food, was part of a traveling Renaissance fair group during the fall season.

I was disappointed in the Thai Peanut rice dish that I ordered – too spicy and too much sauce, not enough rice and tofu.  I will definitely go again to try out several other menu options that appealed to me.  And everything is vegan!

July 15, 2007. Words.

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