Harry Potter all day long…

…Harry Potter while I sing this song.

I slept until almost 1:30.  Then I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until I finished around 5:30.  I don’t remember doing anything particularly for awhile, maybe I was reading the Internet or something, then I went to watch a hockey game at 7:45.  My laddie’s team lost something like 10-1.  The scoreboard stops after 7 and I’m not sure how many more goals were scored after that.

I decided I’m going to reread the last third of the book  to pick up on more details that I might have missed the first time through as I was powering through to find out what happens.  I might back back and read the rest of the six books as well – I read the first three in a period of three days in January of my freshman year of college, and I don’t remember all that much about any of the other six.  I just watched the movie version of number 5, Order of the Phoenix, but the others are rather vague in my memory.  That made it difficult when starting Deathly Hallows.  I would ask myself, Wait, who is this Mundungus fellow and why don’t the others trust him?  What did Rita Skeeter write about Harry and in which book was she?  Who taught Defense Against Dark Arts in the 6th?

July 22, 2007. Words.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    So you have to tell me how it ends…

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