Apartment to myself

Last week I had the place to myself Monday morning through Thursday night and it’s the same thing this week. (The Mister is off interviewing people in California for his book about game feel.) What am I doing with all the time to do as I please?

I went grocery shopping this evening and bought $60 of food, mostly fruit in various forms and possibly unnecessary quantities. Last night I bolted upright at 1:50 a.m. thinking that my phone was ringing and began pressing buttons to review the received call list, although really I just mashed some buttons until I realized I was probably not quite awake and lay back down.  Nobody was there to ask what the hell I was doing so the realization probably took longer than usual.  Tomorrow morning I’ll make my own breakfast (cereal and fruit!) and lunch (soup and sandwich and fruit!) and walk the dog.

So really, I’m doing the same things as usual, just by myself, which is the usual way some of these things are done anyway. Tomorrow after coming home from work to walk the dog and eat a fruit- & cheese-based dinner I will go to the library to return my books before they accrue fines and maybe check out some new ones. Free books, just for living in the area and promising to bring them back at some point? What a deal!

July 24, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Cheese and fruit dinners sound really good to me right now.

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